The Viking collection is inspired by runic minimalism and magic. Runes, which mean mystery or secret, made up the alphabet of the Vikings. Shrouded in mystery, legend has it that they first appeared to Odin, the supreme Norse god, while deep in trance.

The motto “Less is more“ describes the aesthetic tactic of arranging the numerous necessary components of an accessory to create an impression of extreme simplicity. Every element and detail serving multiple visual and functional purposes.

Minimalistic design convey simplicity. Basic geometric forms, simple materials and structural repetition signal order and quality. Symmetry is beautiful. Asymmetry is interesting and dynamic. Our design incorporates both in a harmonious balance.

The Viking collection makes the invisible visible through aesthetic, interesting and balanced designs. Combining mysteries, secrets, passion and excitement, the ancient runic magic of Odin – Othila, Dagaz, Isa and Nauthiz – appear from the infinite darkness of black onyx and the shining luster of metal.

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